OPSWAT specialists told which products are leading in the market of antiviruses for Windows

OPSWAT specialists published another report in which they told which products are leading in the antivirus market for Windows.

The data for such analytics, which the company has been publishing for more than five years, was collected from more than 30,000 corporate and home systems where free OPSWAT products are installed.

In this regard, the researchers recall that their statistics cannot be considered fully comprehensive: although the company’s solutions are used around the world, only English versions of free products are available to users, which is why countries with a large number of native English speakers are clearly prevailing.

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“This report focuses on the market share of anti-malware products versus traditional antivirus engines, as they offer protection from a greater range of threats such as PUAs, ransomware, spyware, keyloggers and botnets. The data in this report was generated on October 28th, 2019 and includes data collected in the last 6 months from users of our free tools including MetaAccess”, — claim in OPSWAT.

It is also worth noting that in this report is not included Windows Defender, for the simple reason that this product is installed by default on almost all modern Windows systems.

“Although Microsoft is heavily saturated in the anti-malware product market, we have excluded this vendor because we feel that its products do not accurately represent the user’s product of choice as they come pre-installed on many Windows systems and cannot be removed”, — specify in OPSWAT.

OPSWAT emphasizes that its report should not be used to determine “which antivirus vendors are the best or to compare these vendors in terms of quality or performance.”

In general, according to OPSWAT statistics, today the largest supplier of antivirus solutions is Symantec with a market share of 13.56%. It is followed by ESET with 12.84% and McAfee with 12.21%.

Top antivirus solutions for Windows
Top antivirus solutions for Windows

Also in the fresh Top 10 included Bitdefender (10.77%), Kaspersky (7.66%), Avast (6.98%), Cylance (5.95%), Webroot (5.88%), Malwarebytes (5,8%) and Sophos (3.62%).

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