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The Healthy App may look like a simple program that shows slightly useful content. However, it fills your browser with ads, and forcibly opens your browser. It also has several abilities that should be your point of concern. In this article, I will explain to you what the Healthy App is, and how to remove it from your PC.

What is a Healthy App?

Healthy App is a malicious app that fills your browser with ads. It disguises itself as a utility with advice for a healthy life. To retain the legend, it opens the MSN Lifestyle page after each launch of the browser. Moreover, it adds its actions to the Task Scheduler, which is also an unwanted action. Most of them are about opening the web browser window within a certain time period.

Healthy adware
MSN Lifestyle page that Healthy opens for disguise

In that browser window, this adware opens doorway websites or the banners of betting companies/online stores et cetera. Most of such ads are fraudulent as well since no legit and well-known companies will order the advertisements from crooks. Online scams are a great place to lose your money and compromise your personal information. None of these events are pleasant to the user, especially amidst the workflow.

Is Healthy Adware dangerous?

It’s hard to say at first glance that this App is causing direct harm to the user or his device. However, besides it leads to a lot of unnecessary advertising, which distracts and interferes, it still secretly performs the role of a pest when it transfers the user to malicious content. Add the fact about unknown connections, which makes the data leaks possible, and conclude that Healthy App is not such a safe application.

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How did I get this virus?

Among a huge variety of spreading methods, crooks that spread Healthy Adware opted for fake browser updates and plugin installation offers. Such a method supposes that you click on the offer and thus triggering the malware downloading and installation. Fortunately, there are a lot of thresholds you can stop at.

Browser plugin install scam
Browser plugin installation scam – a typical injection way for Healthy Adware

There is also a practice of downloading hacked or free apps, which never ends up well. These seemingly free apps are in fact paid for by the promotions you watch inside of them. Hacked apps are usually monetized by adding supplementary programs and malware to the installation package. For each installation, the hackers receive a penny.

How to remove the Healthy App from my PC?

Aside from using anti-malware software, users should avoid any possible sources of malware. Never click on anything that comes to their email and not download weird apps on third-party sites. Stop using freeware and cracked programs. As adware works on your device, it could change your system functions, which cannot be inverted when you delete the application. Hence, Healthy Adware removal is recommended with the use of anti-malware software.

Based on this, we suggest you take advantage of GridinSoft Anti-malware, which will remove any malware in just several clicks. It can also monitor all your visited sites and downloadable apps for any malicious stuff in the background. In this way, you will make it easier for yourself to stop manually controlling all processes and experience visiting all sorts of sources in the browser.

To detect and eliminate all unwanted programs on your desktop, including the Healthy app, with GridinSoft Anti-Malware, it’s better to use Standard or Full scan. Quick Scan is not able to find all the malware, because it scans only the most popular registry entries and folders.

You can spectate the detected viruses sorted by their possible hazard during the scan process. But to choose any actions against the viruses, you need to hold on until the scan is finished, or to stop the scan.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware during the scan

To choose the action for every spotted virus or unwanted program, click the arrow in front of the name of detected virus. By default, all malware will be removed to quarantine.

List of detected malware after the scan

Reset browser settings to original ones

To reset your browser settings, you need to use the Reset Browser Settings option. This action is not able to be counteracted by any malware, hence, you will surely see the result. This option can be found in the Tools tab.

Tools tab in GridinSoft Anti-Malware

After pressing the Reset Browser Settings button, the menu will be displayed, where you can choose, which settings will be reverted to original.

Reset Browser Settings options

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