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VirusRemoval was founded in 2019, by William Redhead and Helga Smith. While being a little malware analytics company, this duet decided to make the information about malware and ways of its counteraction much easier to understand.

The backbone of our team are professionals, who started their career-long ago. The eldest – William Redhead – began working as a cybersecurity analyst in 2003, after being graduated from INSA Centre Val de Loire. Nonetheless, our team was always open for the beginners, because fresh blood always carries fresh ideas and the most actual knowledge.

Nowadays, we are the company that can offer the public a wide range of different malware researches. You can find the information you need in one of our categories – News, Reviews, and Removal Guides. Like years before, our target is to help people know more about malware and methods of malware counteraction.

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Do you want some actual information about new threats? The reports about the vulnerabilities in top-tier antivirus software? Any updates in malware distribution methods? Our researchers collect this information every day, so you will surely find the freshest data about the subject you are interested in.

As it was mentioned earlier, we make all the information as easy for understanding as it can be. The reason for such a method is not complicated: the majority of malware injection cases take place because of carelessness. People don’t know how malware can reach their PC, so their computers periodically become a malware terrarium.

Of course, you can find similar information on any anti-malware forum/website, where such themes are discussed, too. But for some users, especially for those who are quite busy or the low-skilled computer users, that information may be hard-to-understand. As a result, there is a big number of businessmen who got their computers infected, having no idea how to deal with these malicious programs, and struggling to do their usual job.

So, as it has been proved above, the biggest share of malware injections is against low-qualified users, who are not able to understand the language of professionals, full of slang and specific meanings. Our target is to explain the same things but in common language.

Read The Reviews

Nowadays, we have a huge amount of different anti-malware programs. Their prices are quite high, and the majority of them are offering a minimal subscription period of one year. Hence, it is irrational to purchase the annual license just to test if this antivirus program is suitable for your needs. Even if an antivirus program has a trial period, it is usually too short to make an objective and weighted choice.

Our team is ready to help you in this choice. Our journalists can tell you everything about popular antivirus programs, and may also show you some trustworthy and efficient, but unpopular antiviruses. Human nature is quite conservative, so, you can meet a lot of users (even professionals!), who prefer much more expensive Norton or Kaspersky to cheap no-name antimalware programs with the same scan efficiency and same tools onboard. In our Review section, you can find enough information to make a decision, which antivirus program is suitable for you, your family or your company, without spending a lot of money to test the program.

But don’t think that you will see the songs of praise about every antivirus software we review. We have no contracts with any anti-malware vendors, hence, we have no motivation to show you only positive reviews. Our opinion is unbiased, and if the anti-malware program malfunctions, or showing poor performance – you will see it in our articles.

Remove Malware With Our Guides

Malware removal can be quite a complicated process, especially if your PC is deeply contaminated. Experienced users may try to delete the malware manually, but even with their knowledge, they can easily miss different parts of the malicious program. Such a mistake can be the second chance for the malicious application.

Viruses can change a lot of things in your PC. The most popular changes are registry editing, adding several entries in the HOSTS file, changing your browser settings, and embedding advertisements to the apps which originally have no ads inside. Besides visible changes, viruses can also create a branchy, complex file directory. It’s hard to deal with such directories, because they can be stored far away from each other, and, in case if you left one of them, the malicious program can recover itself. If there is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), it can just block all your attempts, showing you a full-screen banner at the moment when you would try to delete this program.

In our removal guides, we will help you to deal with all these unwanted and malicious apps, using both anti-malware software and manual actions. Some of the viruses could be removed only with antivirus programs, several types (browser hijackers, PUPs) are easy to deal with even without any third-party software usage.

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In case if you have some questions or troubles you met while solving your problems with our articles, you can contact our founders – Mr. Redhead and Mrs. Smith.

William Redhead

William Redhead

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Helga Smith

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